The name White-Black identifies snow clearing equipment particularly suitable for self-draining type asphalt surfaces of motorways and/or airports, in that it transforms the white of the snow into the black of the road surface.

The equipment can be coupled to any road tractor using the standard fifth wheel and king pin. In addition to being anchored to the road tractor, the equipment is also supported at the rear by two sensor wheels that transfer any loads in excess of the default value to the fifth wheel of the road tractor. The rule is that increasing the weight of snow to move automatically increases the towing force of the vehicle.
The White-Black equipment has an operating width of 7 m, while a 50° rotation produces an operating width of 4.7 m. The two end parts of the equipment are mobile and have the function of reducing the operating width. In particular, the left mobile unit is linked to a radar positioning system and has an operational and safety function in maintaining a distance from fixed obstacles such as New-Jersey type barriers and guard-rails. The right-hand mobile unit has an ulterior function of positioning the snow discharge side behind the plough. The transversal width of the equipment in the closed position is 3.5 m.
The apparatus that lifts the snow off the road surface consists of n. 7 blades, their mounting frames and hydraulic actuators that function independently. The blades can be manufactured either in plastic or ferrous material.
White-Black is equipped with a tank for storing solvents and uses a high-pressure pump to spray the solvents on the road surface immediately in front of the clearing blades. The rear-mounted agitator brushes eliminate any residues from the surface.
The manoeuvrability and versatility of the equipment enable the turning circle and swept path of the vehicle to be reduced to a minimum. Under operating conditions, on an internal minimum radius of 5 m, the White-Black equipment has a turning circle of 9.5 m, which is much less than the maximum of 12 m imposed for motor vehicles in general.
The White-Black equipment is also fitted with front semi-blades which, by means of arms, can be positioned in front of the road tractor to move the snow sideways off the carriageway in the case of heavy falls.
The White–Black equipment has been designed to operate at very high speeds in line with the following criteria:
- low contact pressure of the blades on the road surface;
- towed mass variable in line with the quantity of snow to clear;
- dynamic equilibrium of destabilising forces.

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