Faro has been operating in the motorway winter services sector since 2001. At the time, we already had a new system for carrying out winter operations, which had the dual purpose of rationalising costs and, moreover, improving road surface treatment techniques, in particular for self-draining surfaces. The Faro system starts with the use of road tractors for winter operations, for towing salt spreaders and for mounting snowploughs. Due to the versatility and setup of the road tractor for rapid coupling, it was designed for general use as a call-out vehicle, also as a result of increasingly more accurate and reliable weather forecasts. This system, above all in the case of anomalous meteorological events, also guarantees the availability of the winter equipment outside the normal contractual periods agreed by motorway and airport management authorities. In order to realise this system, the primary need is to have suitable winter equipment, and above all to render the road tractor a high performance vehicle under critical climatic conditions, e.g. snow and ice, where otherwise it would normally be penalised. In order to render the Faro System operative, we have designed, constructed and patented the following equipment:

1) MSSV.01 solvent spreader
2) The White-Black winter equipment that transforms the white of the snow into the black of the road surface.

Multifunctional Spreader MSSV.01
Technical specifications

WHITE-BLACK Snowplough
Technical specifications